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Climate change is a serious issue and for us to be able to preserve our planet not only for ourselves, but also for the generations to come is what we all should have as a goal. This sad reality can only be resolved if we act now even just through our own little ways. With this, you may ask yourself is earning while helping the environment possible? Are there NFTs present in the market that are eco-friendly? Well, the answer to your questions is a big Y-E-S.

Let me introduce you to the first play-for-purpose game, Zeedz. It is a game that does not only allow us to earn but get us entertained and help us immerse ourselves in climate action through the collection of plant-inspired creatures, the Zeedles. What makes Zeedz amazing is that it raises awareness on global warming through challenges that are connected to real-world weather phenomena and educational contents. Not only that, but it also motivates its users to have a sustainable lifestyle by providing them incentives for incorporating sustainability in their lives.

You start the game by purchasing pack of seeds of what we know as ‘Zeedz’. Initial and succeeding purchases are automatically contributed to an environment-focused project chosen by Zeedz. Take note that different Zeedz requires different weather conditions, that is why educational resources found in the gameplay come in handy because research is a must for your small, cute, and dedicated Zeedz. The users can decide whether they want their Zeedz to hatch and become Zeedle: a plant-inspired creature. This requires a different level of care because how well it grows depends on it, meaning you should continuously research, monitor weather conditions, water, and other actions necessary to give the love your Zeedles deserve.

Now that you have a glimpse of what Zeedz is all about. Are you ready to Collect, Grow, and Impact? Partake in making a greener world and turn your “here for fun” and “here for profit” into “here for the purpose”. Kickstart your journey into fighting global warming and climate change by visiting for more information.

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