Looking for your furever friend? Hurry! Someone cute and fluffy awaits your love. Introducing, CryptoKitties a game where you can adopt breedable, collectable, and oh-so-adorable cats. Each cat is unique and 100% yours; it will never leave you because it cannot be replicated, destroyed, or taken away. You’ll never run out of options since there are so many cats to choose from: Fancy Cats, Exclusive Cats and Special Edition Cats. To start your circle of fur friends, you only have to pay a small ‘gas’ fee. You may also pair your Kitty with another cat. This pair can breed, you just have to pay a ‘birthing fee’ or ‘siring fee’.

Expand your circle of fur friends to earn. You can join kitty auctions where the price of the Kitties can go up or down, and when the time expires, the price stops moving. There is so much more that you can do in CryptoKitties other than buying and selling cats with our community. You can also crack puzzles alongside other players; create collections & earn rewards; chase limited edition Fancy cats; breed adorable cats & unlock rare traits; and play games in the KittyVerse.

CryptoKitties was launched by Vancouver-based venture studio Axiom Zenon on October 2017. Two months after CryptoKitties’ launch, it became a viral sensation, shooting prices for some kittens to six figures.

In May 2022, CryptoKitties celebrated a milestone as one of our community members, CryptoKittyMagic, bred the 2,000,000th CryptoKitty- a Pumpernickel Exclusive. This kitten joined the collection of 36 Gales that were mostly bred by players. In the race to breed Kitty 2 million, 35 Gales were discovered and Galenwas bred in our Gen-1 SE account and raffled. The raffle was won by a new player, 0xadad5e55b1ca79c9c109b0cf67051de8420b8a7f, and the Kitty 2 million was added to the player’s collection.

What are you waiting for? Try CryptoKitties now! A game meant for pet and game lovers like you.


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