CDZ x Dracoomaster

We are proud to announce our partnership with Dracoo Master, the first community-owned and governed blockchain card game.

Dracoo Master has set the stage for the next decade of development, and now players can use the resources he’s made available to them to make their own custom game modes, maps, and skins. E-sports map customization has been a popular subgenre for years, and this idea will open up a wealth of new possibilities for the industry.

Dracoo Master is a roguelike deck-building game. With over 300 cards, 90 relics and powerful upgrades for every card, every move is truly unique. Fight powerful opponents while upgrading your Dracoos and you will never use the same deck twice.

Dracoo World

Dracoo World is a blockchain virtual world based on Dracoo IP. It is comprised of multiple different types of games and communities and allows players to create their own exclusive games and earn profits.

Users can buy and sell on-chain virtual lands, use the map editor or game editor to create their own exclusive scenes or games, and enter other Web3 applications and ecosystems around the globe. We also allow external NFTs to enter our universe. Read More…

Learn more about Dracoo Masters. Visit their official website and platforms! Join the active and friendly community!


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