CDZ on a Journey to Being a Crypto Work Haven

It was the last quarter of 2021 when the world is riding the height of the pandemic, that our team’s journey started. The economy was unstable, businesses close, and people lost their jobs, yet the crypto industry kept on thriving. Back then meeting people face to face and working at the office is like a thing of the past, and most people just prefer to connect online. And somehow, they found a breathing space in the crypto world, especially the GameFi sector – finding fun games to play, earning while doing it, and even finding work that matches their skills.

It was also that time when six people from different places, with different talents and skills, found themselves together, working on an NFT project every day, from sunup to sundown, making sure that they were doing their best, marketing and promoting the project. This is what brought them closer, and formed this special bond, realizing they want the same thing, which is to be able to help people like themselves who are also suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

And after a year in the industry, the dream is now a reality. CDZ is born.

What is CDZ?

CDZ is Crypto Defi Zone, a non-profit organization comprising diverse and multi-talented people who are dedicated to their work and relentlessly learning more about the industry that is now changing the landscape of the gaming and fintech industry.

Crypto Defi Zone’s mission is to bridge talented individuals who are part of the crypto scene and the numerous project developers who need help in growing their community and in marketing the project, bringing it to the public’s awareness. Ultimately, the vision is to create a balanced environment of work that is fair and honest, and services provided that are of the utmost quality.

What do we offer?

Crypto Defi Zone offers a wide array of services that will help projects reach their full potential growth.

CDZ also offers budget-friendly packages that will jumpstart the community and marketing. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to email us at

Opening Possibilities for Everyone

Soon, CDZ will be opening its doors to deserving individuals who will receive training and certifications that they can use to look for appropriate jobs as well as get hired by companies and projects affiliated with CDZ.

How can you be a part of this opportunity? Easy! Just join our community on Discord and Telegram and the rest will follow. Visit our website and follow our social platforms to know more about CDZ.

Come and be part of our team!

Finally, Crypto Defi Zone invites you to go onboard as we embark on this journey towards a common goal –to help elevate other people’s skills, bring more opportunities to a larger number of people, and establish a working environment where everyone exists in harmony.

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