Age Of Tanks — A Metaverse Of The Future

Age of Tanks and Crypto Defi Zone forms an alliance to bring both communities an awesome game that is worth every dime of your investment and time. A world-class battler game that will surely catch gamers’ attention with its amazing graphics and easy to play mechanics. The Full Game is now out and you should take this opportunity to build tanks, strategize and earn while you play.

“Have you wondered what would it be like in the future? AOT allows us a glimpse of how our future is shaped by our actions in the present.

Age of Tanks is set after the 2nd impact- in the year, 23100.

What could have been a decisive action to prevent the extinction of Mother Earth, took an unexpected turn leading to the catastrophic destruction of our planet, consequently giving birth to EARTH ZERO.

Despite the turmoil, human nature hasn’t changed. Some, with visions of uniting all of Earth Zero while others are for nothing more than self-preservation.

CHAMPIONS or Humans of Earth Zero emerge in different parts of the world to fight for survival. It was by chance that a powerful element was discovered while scavenging– THE BRODIUM. The power of the Brodium was harnessed and used to build tanks to travel and do expeditions.

“…On this Earth, where sea travel was inconsequential and the flight was futile, the fight for supremacy hinged on land warfare. Iron Forges with technology to produce and assemble armored vehicles became the ultimate power.

For who controls the tanks control AOT. And who controls the AOT, controls the earth.



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